hello my goodness a place to find the best info on window cleaning .we have been in business 20 years .there is not a window we have not seen .Let us take that experince come take a look talk about the level of clean you would like .Free estimates .Free quotes. Questions gladly answered. We admit we dont know everything but we do talk to window companys all over the great place called amercia

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Window cleaning is a tough chore! It is usually procrastinated as much as possible, since nobody wants to spend a day lugging a ladder around the perimeter of the home with a squeegee and mop bucket in tow. Using vinegar, ammonia or Windex with paper towels, a newspaper or even a baby diaper are the most common at-home window cleaning tricks. But an inexperienced window cleaner can damage the window and the chemicals can be dangerous. Worst of all, at the end of your long and labor-intensive day, you might end up staring up at windows stripped with ugly streaks. Squeegeeing requires more skill than you might think, and learning a new skill isn’t easy when you are already tiring yourself out moving your ladder and supplies into position.

Save yourself the trouble and the safety hazard by calling on Sundance Window Cleaning for your professional residential window cleaning needs. We have decades of experience and have cleaned countless windows to unparalleled standards. Don’t waste your time and money on a sub-par DIY job; contact Sundance Window Cleaning  today to wish away all of your residential cleaning chores, and keep your family and home protected!

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